​As a sophomore in the MaD program, students will be perfecting their SolidWorks skills that they started learning freshmen year. Students will also learn how to use the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines using CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software. They will also be introduced to a variety of machinery, such as the band-saw, lathe, manual mill, and drill press.

About Us

MaD is a four-year small learning community with a focus on college and career readiness. Students receive both the benefits of attending school with a small community of students and the experience of a comprehensive high school. Students are cohort scheduled in a MaD elective, English and Social Science. This allows students to work with other highly engaged students and teachers. Our four-year sequence allows for exploration of many engineering related fields of study at the university level. 

Career Technical Education Pathway


As a senior in the MaD program, students will be reviewing all manufacturing and design skills they've learned from prior years. Over the first semester of senior year, students will create an FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge®) robot to compete later in the year. Throughout the second semester students will work in small groups to design and manufacture a small robotic arm.


As a student of the MaD program, students will learn the basics of engineering, from the programs we use to how to use a 3D printer their freshmen year. They will also go over drafting and the building of skills in SolidWorks, the professional grade drawing software we use in the MaD program.


As a junior in the  MaD program, students will be reviewing and refining their SolidWorks and CAM skills. In the first semester students will be introduced to welding and basic auto shop. During the second semester students will incorporate all skills learned in previous years into building a car for Electrathon America.