About Us

​​M.a.D : 


MaD is a unique program that blends high level academics with technical skills in a product development environment. Student projects promote creative design and manufacturing process as a culmination of all other academic skills. Starting in the first semester of high school, MaD students start learning professional software and earning college credits. This specialized program in unlike any other option in the greater Sacramento region. MaD was designed using the best components of other top performing high school programs in the state of California


​MaD is a four-year small learning community with a focus on college and career readiness. Students receive both the benefits of attending school with a small community of students and the experience of a comprehensive high school. Students are cohort scheduled in a MaD elective, English and Social Science. This allows students to work with other highly engaged students and teachers. Our four-year sequence allows for exploration of many engineering related fields of study at the university level.